Units Include:
  • Indoor access (& outdoor access)
  • On-Site manager
  • Free use of loading carts
  • Hydraulic-lift loading docks
    (all on one level)
  • Security lighting
  • Alarm system
  • Keypad entry
  • Paved lot
  Space Estimator:
It’s important to understand just how much space your stuff needs so you don’t pay for unnecessary empty space. Our handy dandy space estimate can help you gauge the space your stuff needs.
Unit Size
Type of storage items
5×5 Linen / Coat Closet Boxes, records, small furniture or appliances
5×10 Walk in Closet Pick up truck
1 room of furniture
5×13 Hallway 2 rooms of furniture, motorcycles, kayaks, etc.
10×10 Bedroom 15′ moving truck 3 rooms of furniture or small apartment
10×15 Large Bedroom 4-5 rooms of furniture
10×20 1 Car Garage 24′ Moving Truck
Vehicle storage
Small 3 bedroom house
Contractor Storage
10×25 1 Car Garage 26′ Moving Truck 7-8 rooms of furniture
10×30 Oversized 1 Car Garage 40′ Moving Truck 7-8 room home. Perfect for contractors and customers who need access to their stuff often

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